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Camera Manuals and Reviews from Amateur Photographer
Amateur Photographer in partnership with OTC, offers a complete service in providing you with camera manuals and reviews of cameras.

Many camera manuals are now only supplied on disk by the manufacturer. This can be both costly and inconvenient as the manual can only be read on screen, unless you print it out using loads of paper and vast quantities of toner.

Amateur Photographer - photography advice, reviews and articles

Look at the picture below to compare what you get if you print a typical manual youself compared to what you get from us.

Camera Instruction Manuals from Oldtimer Cameras (OTC)

OTC, with the latest hi-tech equipment, produces bound reprints of most camera manuals in a truly pocket-sized form.

Equally, you may have bought a second-hand camera which has come without a manual, or you have lost your orignal manual. Please try us as it very likely that we will have the original manual for you.

Amateur Photographer offers the most thorough and respected photography reviews for camera equipment in the industry. There are nearly 10,000 different Amateur Photographer reviews available on cameras, lenses and accessories offering all kinds of useful photography advice.

If you would like to see what a camera review looks like download an example free of charge.

One of our most popular services is to offer you compilations of photography articles from Amateur Photographer, such as "All current digital SLRs" which brings together the combined expertise of Amateur Photographer and OTC.

These compilations are thoroughly recommended as being of great value as you can get as many as 50 reviews for the price of just 3! If you would like to see what a compilation looks like, download an example free of charge.

To find what you are looking for use the search box on the right and choose a manufacturer and/or enter a model name or number.

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