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Man on an Island : Interview with ‘Pink Floyd’ Guitarist David Gilmour

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The article originally featured in January 2009’s “Guitar and Bass” Magazine

After a flurry of activity – a well-received solo LP, a stunning series of concerts, the live at Gdansk and remember that night DVD’s – David Gilmour takes stock of four years of work. Interview: Edwin Ammerlaan/IFA.

A true legend he may be, but Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour is a modest, quiet Englishman who’s rarely in the mood for the kind of navel-gazing required when the press come a-calling. Past glories mean little to him: this is one musician who prefers to stand behind his black Stratocaster and let his music do the talking.

‘I have moments when I think “That’s brilliant!” I wish I could make a record where every single moment did that to me.’

Our interview took place a short while before Pink Floyd keyboard player Rick Wright’s sad passing. Even before this, however, the odds were heavily against a Pink Floyd reunion. Their live 8 appearance in 2005, complete with Roger Waters, fuelled much hope, and rumours flew about the stupendous sums of money supposedly being offered to the band to tour.

However, Gilmour has always been lukewarm at best regarding the whole idea of waltzing down memory lane – although in June 2008 he did make a glorious contribution to an Atom Heart Mother spectacular that included a complete rendition of the album (despite the fact that he once described parts of the 1970 album as ‘absolute crap’).

‘I wasn’t trying to make a political message. My personal message comes out best when I’m playing my guitar and singing’.

Gilmour’s main focus for the past few years has been his solo work, including the chart topping album On An Island, as well as the recently released Live in Gdansk, documenting the last concert of the On An Island tour, backed by the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra.

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