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Camera Reviews - Canon G10 versus the Nikon P6000

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The article originally featured in January 2009ís ĎWhat Digital Cameraí Magazine.

The high-end compact category welcomes two new arrivals, so Matt Golowczynski finds out which has the most to say.

Itís clear that the next few years stand to significantly reshape the digital camera market. Even if we just look at the year gone by, weíve seen the launch of the Micro Four Thirds system and video recording integrated into DSLRís, as well as cameraphones that not only boast 8MP sensors (soon to be 12MP), but also optical zooms, advanced AF systems and even face detection.

For the compact market itís perhaps such cameraphones that pose the greatest threat, and while their images still leave a lot to be desired itís hard to dispute how far the technology has come Ė and indeed where itís heading.

Fortunately, the quality gap between cameraphones and enthusiast compacts is still fairly large, and itíll be some time before this gap narrows to a significant level. The inroads Panasonic, Ricoh and Sigma have all recently made have pushed the bar even higher, with their models boasting handling, build quality and a standard of images that rightly puts them in a class of their own.

Together with the superzoom bridge cameras and entry-level DSLRís currently available Ė as well as the threat posed by the Micro Four Thirds format Ė the sub-£500 camera market is as abundant as itís ever been. And, as always, market leaders Canon and Nikon constitute a large part of this.

The models on test this month each stem from a line of performance-orientated compacts. Canonís G series has long been the choice of discerning enthusiasts, with manual control, Raw shooting and compatibility with Speedlite flash units making it a viable alternative to the DSLR.

Nikon may not have been active in the field for quite as long, but itís done well to catch upÖ.

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